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We offer a wide variety services including eye exams, custom fittings, contact lenses, and much more – we even have our own on-site optometrist. Experience Barkley Opticians – come in and visit us today!
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Learn how to properly insert and remove your contact lenses
with our education videos by ACUVUE® below!
Difficulty with contact lenses?

View Our Videos by ACUVUE® Below

Inserting & removing contact lenses can be a difficult process for first-time wearers. As always, doing something new can be slightly difficult and with a bit of practice you’ll be using contact lenses with ease.


Watch our educational videos below by ACUVUE® to learn how to properly insert & remove your contact lenses. If you’re still having difficulty we’d be happy to teach you in-person at our retail location.

How To Insert / Remove Lenses

What To Expect with Contacts