At Barkley Opticians, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and are constantly up to date with the latest in eyewear fashions. Come visit our retail store to experience everything from the latest styles & brands to on-site eye exams and more.

We offer a wide variety services including eye exams, custom fittings, contact lenses, and much more – we even have our own on-site optometrist. Experience Barkley Opticians – come in and visit us today!
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1425 Dundas St. E, Mississauga, ON L4X 2W4 (905) 625-3086
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Offering a wide variety of on-site optometry services for you
and your family - visit us today to speak to one of our experts.
The finest in luxury and style

Fashion Eyewear

We offer one of Canada’s largest collections of luxury designer eyewear with a constant focus to provide the latest & newest styles in fashion. Our experts will help you select the perfect pair of sunglasses or frames – and even customize them to be unique with your preference of lenses.

Customized for you


Our on-site optometrist makes it easy to accomplish all of your eye care needs in one trip to Barkley Opticians! Services include eye examinations, fittings with our team of experts, customization services, and much more. Visit us today to get your perfect pair of prescription lenses.

Various options & colours

Contact Lenses

Already have contact lenses or interested in switching to contacts? Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right brand and teach you proper methods of using your contact lenses. We offer a wide variety of options and colours to meet your needs across multiple contact lens brands.

On-Site Repair, RCMP Visual Test, and More

Other Services

We offer additional services to make your experience at Barkley Opticians outstanding. From on-site repairs & customization, RCMP Visual Admission Tests, Driver’s License Tests, and more – we’ve got all kinds of benefits to further improve on the incredible services we offer our clients.